Chris Colfer is my big love. Darren Criss is my lovely asshole. Glee is my inspiration.


kurt hummel is so done with ur shit

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you are more important to me than anything

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crisscolfer au | do you currently have or have you ever had any nicknames?

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Imagine Blaine coming home after kissing Kurt for the first time and he can’t believe he actually did that and he can’t believe Kurt actually kissed him back and he lays on his bed and kind of just


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+kurthummel;  +chriscolfer;  +burthummel;  +glee;  

+kurthummel;  +chriscolfer;  +burthummel;  +glee;  

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klaine + being cockblocked 

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blaine anderson + sass/attitude

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Margaery has her claws in Joffrey.
She knows how to manipulate him.


'The Fault In Our Stars' New Scenes